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Green Saudi Company for Carbon Services

In late February 2017, Saudi Arabia established the Green Saudi Company for Carbon Services. The mission of this organization is to develop and manage carbon emission reduction programs and sustainable development mechanism projects. It also will assist in the fight against environmental pollution in accordance with regional and international agreements and protocols and local regulations. The Company, a partnership between Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and Petroleum, Chemicals & Mining Company Limited, a subsidiary of Saudi Binladen Group, represents a step forward for Saudi Arabia in its efforts to reduce emissions and control pollution. The Company seeks to help the government achieve its goals imbedded in the Kingdom Vision 2030 Plan and the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020.

The establishment of a Company solely focused on GHG emissions is significant for several reasons.  Top senior level policy leaders represented by the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, and other agencies concerned with clean energy support this initiative. Secondly, it shows the Saudi government is intent on implementing its commitment to the Paris Agreement.

The Green Saudi Company will develop clean energy and carbon reduction projects within the framework of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It also issues and markets renewable energy certificates (RECs) for national companies with clean energy projects.

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