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Law 27191

Argentina’s energy production sector is heavily fossil fuel reliant and high emitting. However, the country is attempting to improve its energy matrix through Law 27191, in place since October 2015. The law mandates a rising quota of electricity from renewable sources including wind, solar, hydroelectric, and biomass plants. The quota starts at 8% and increases steadily until it reaches 20% by 2025. With the law firmly in place, Argentina seems to be off to a good start. However, the challenge now will be to fully implement it and adhere to the prescribed quota. Some evidence suggests that the country is committed to this effort.

In 2016, the government launched the Plan RenovAr program which focuses on developing new and an increased number of sources of clean energy. Through two rounds of tenders, the program awarded fifty-nine, large-scale renewable energy projects across the country. Once completed it is expected that these projects will produce an equivalent of 6% of the national demand for energy.

In January, through Decree 9/2017, President Macri officially declared 2017 the “Year of Renewable Energy.” This decree praised renewables for their potential contributions to 1.) Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 2.) Reducing reliance on energy from foreign countries 3.)Creation of local jobs. The decree states that the executive office will oversee numerous activities, seminars, conferences and educational programs to support development and use of renewable energy across the country.

If Argentina is going to meet its Paris Agreement commitments, improving its energy matrix to include more renewables will be a big step in the right direction. It also needs to monitor and report on the impact of its new renewable energy programs.

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