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Typhoon # 10

The biggest natural disaster in Japan over the last three years was Typhoon No.10 in August 2016. It is known as Lionrock and is classified as a Category 4 typhoon. It severely damaged the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions in the northern part of Japan. According to AR5 produced by the IPCC, rising temperatures increase the risk of stronger typhoons. In the case of Typhoon No.10, 22 people were killed, 5 were missing, and 447 houses were completely destroyed. In addition, some levees were breached and cities were flooded. As a result, many potato farms in Hokkaido were damaged and companies producing chips decreased the amount of production.

The government announced the effects of this massive destruction and ministries have taken action. Japan is now making efforts to prevent a recurrence of typhoon-related damage by creating guidelines for its citizens on how to react to floods.


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