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Broadcast Media

Eco@Africa TV Program is a weekly program that presents new ideas and best practice projects on environment and climate change from Africa and Europe (DW, 2017a). It is part of the Eco@Africa environmental magazine jointly produced by Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW) and Nigeria’s Channels TV (German Missions in Nigeria, 2016). This initiative was created at the Climate Change Conference COP21 and is aimed at motivating viewers to protect the environment.

Content Samples:

The Eco@Africa TV programme “Green Homes for Nigeria” featured a story on 2 February 2017, of a housing model that uses low amounts of energy and water. The houses in the “eco village” run on renewable energy and consume one third the amount of energy, and half the quantity of water required in traditional houses. The model’s benefits, its proponents note, include that it is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient due to inbuilt self-cooling, solar energy as electricity source and the reuse of water.

Contact: Nneota Egbe is one of the presenters of eco@africa. He is concerned about the environment and has presented television shows on environmental issues (DW, 2017b).

Print Media

Mrs. Maiden Alex-Ibru is the Chairman of the Guardian Press Limited that owns The Guardian Newspapers Limited (Proshare, 2011). She is also the publisher of the newspaper, and Abraham Ogbodo is its editor. The organization’s perspective on climate change and the Paris Agreement is not publicly available. However, its declared ideals include balanced reporting of events, promotion of Nigeria’s best interests, and upholding of justice (The Guardian, 2017).

Content Sample:

The Guardian, in its 28 November 2016 article, “Resolving the Climate Change Question,” highlights the statements of commitments and support towards reducing climate change made by participating countries at the Marrakech Climate Conference, COP22. The article also mentions Nigeria’s program to attract climate finance through green bonds and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2030 (The Guardian, 2016).

Contact: Chinedum Uwaegbulam is the Housing and Environment Editor for the Guardian Newspaper Limited. He has written several articles on environmental issues and the real estate sector in Nigeria.

Online Media

EnviroNews Nigeria is an online news magazine that highlights environmental and development-related issues. The portal is dedicated to sharing information that contributes to change towards a healthy and clean environment (EnviroNews Nigeria, 2017). The organization is a partner with the Internews Earth Journalism Network, and is a member of the Climate and Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria.

Content Sample:

EnviroNews Nigeria highlighted deliberations at 2 workshops held in 2016 on climate risk financing and insurance, and environmental and social impact assessment as it relates to transitioning to a green economy in Nigeria. The events were supported by the Federal Republic of Germany through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The issues raised during the workshops include the roles of the insurance and banking sectors of the Nigerian economy in reducing climate-induced risks; and the commitment of Nigerian banks and businesses to corporate environmental and social responsibilities (Environews Nigeria, 2016).

Contact: Michael Simire is the Editor-in-Chief of EnviroNews Nigeria. He is an urban planner and environmentalist, and has delivered papers on climate change, clean cook energy, and REDD+.


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