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Broadcast Media

Scala Mercalli is a TV show entirely dedicated to climate change and its key themes, from water resources to renewable energy, from waste management to responsible land use. The goal of the show is to make climate science and policy accessible to the general audience. In each episode, the host introduces a particular topic, explains the status quo through brief documentaries and ends with experts illustrating alternative policies that are sound from an environmental and sustainability perspective.

The host is Luca Mercalli, the president of the Italian Meteorological Society, who is a climatologist and a journalist. He published several books and won numerous awards for his work on climate change and his efforts to disseminate climate change science and policies to the general public.

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Contact:  The show is owned by RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana SPA. Via Mazzini, 14 – 00195 Roma.

Print Media

La Repubblica is a national newspaper with Mario Calabresi as editor in chief. Daniele Vulpi, Gaia Scorza Barcellona, Alessandra Roncato, Tiziano Toniutti are the editors responsible for the Environment section. Antonio Cianciullo regularly writes about topics in support of sustainability. Published articles include the impact of Italian legislation that mandated recycling in 1997, where in 20 years the recycling rate reached over 45% and created 155,000 jobs.

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Online Media is a web magazine promoting environmental sustainability. Established in 2006, it reports on national and international news regarding energy, transportation, green buildings, smart cities, eco-design, green business, innovation, and the green economy. Over the years it has acquired a very high reputation thanks to a scientific committee that strictly collaborates with journalists to bring interesting articles backed by sound science and data. The editor-in-chief is Mauro Spagnolo, who can be reached at

A recent article explains how the Ministry of the Environment engaged in public consultations on the National Plan for Adaptation: for the month of February stakeholders are invited to comment and give feedback on the document and identify potential barriers hindering the implementation process. The Plan, is a comprehensive strategy to address adaptation across sectors.

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