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Broadcast Media

Televisión Pública Argentina is a large, publicly owned TV station. The channel (specifically its program Ambiente y Medio) produces content specific to ecology and the environment that covers concerns within Argentina and around the world. The channel does not have a specific stance on the Paris Agreement, but much of its content is geared towards raising awareness on environmental problems and providing information about how to improve them.

Content Samples:

In a recent video Adrián Paenza interviewed Dr. Carolina Vera, one of the premier climate scientists in Argentina. The interview (in Spanish) can be accessed at:

The program Ambiente y Medio is presented by Sergio Federovisky and Camila Hadad.

Contact:  Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2977 (1425) Caba, Argentina; Tel: +54 (011) 4808-2500

Print Media

Clarín is the largest Argentine newspaper. It is published by Grupo Clarín under the direction of Ernestina Herrera de Noble. Clarín is a centrist publication and reports relatively neutrally on climate related issues.

Content Samples:

In December 2015 Clarín reported on the Paris Agreement in an article titled “Historic agreement in Paris to stop global warming.” The article can be found at:

The aforementioned article was written by Marina Aizen (, a journalist who has written numerous articles about issues of the environment, climate change and energy in Argentina.

Contact: Tacuarí 1840, C.A.B.A, ARGENTINA CP: C1140AAN
Website: managed by Damián Profeta ( y Fermín Koop (
Claves21 is a collaborative network for environmental journalists. Claves21 is a not-for-profit project run by environmentalists Damián Profeta y Fermín Koop. Clave21’s objective is to promote and encourage media attention and coverage environmental issues in Argentina. Climate change is a frequent topic and there are numerous materials on the site including articles, videos and webinars related to the issue.

Content Sample:

In July 2016, Nicolas de la Barra wrote an article called “Climate change is already being felt in Rio de la Plata.” The article highlights some of the effects that are already observable in the region including increased flooding. The article can be found at:


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