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Government Official
Gianluca Galletti
Minister of Environment, Land and Sea

Minister Galletti plays a key role in setting Italy’s environmental policy. He attended the Paris Conference in 2015 as well as the COP22 in Marrakesh in November 2016. He led the Italian government to ratify the Paris Agreement on November 4th 2016. He is particularly interested in the circular economy and the environment-economy nexus.


Climate Program Advocate
Rossella Muroni
National President of Legambiente
Mrs. Moruno is the head of Legambiente, an advocacy group whose aim is to protect the environment and natural resources. The group opposes the use of nuclear energy and fossil fuels while encouraging the use of renewable energy sources. Recently, Legambiente provided the Italian government with a list of 15 measures to green the Italian tax system, increasing the tax burden for polluting activities and incentivizing green options in all sectors, from waste management to transportation.


Climate Program Opponent
Emma Marcegaglia
President of Eni

Marcegaglia is the president of Eni, the leading company that extracts oil on Italian territory. In 2014, Eni paid about 260 million Euros to the Italian government as royalties for oil extraction, representing 65% of all royalties received by the Italian government. Despite Eni’s many sustainability efforts, it has a substantial incentive to keep investing in oil.



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