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Possibility of Ratification by 2018: Treaty has been Ratified

The Paris Agreement has been ratified by the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) on the 14th of July. The relevant bill №0105, sponsored by President Petro Poroshenko, was supported by 279 out of 335 MPs registered in the session hall on the day of the vote. The reason why Ukraine became one of the first counties to ratify the Paris Agreement might have a lot to do with the widespread belief that this treaty will have a positive influence on both the country’s environment and economy.

April 26th marked 30 years since the nuclear disaster in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl, so there is a general awareness of the importance of green technologies, however, many still feel that reducing greenhouse emissions should not be a priority for a country at war. Regardless of this fact, the vast majority of politicians and parliamentarians support the Paris Agreement precisely because it would allow the country to finally cut its dependence on natural gas imports from Russia by switching to renewable energy resources. This treaty would also benefit the Ukrainian economy by attracting foreign investors willing to finance large-scale environmental projects in various sectors such as energy, infrastructure and transportation as well as create new “green economy” jobs. Thus, it is no big surprise that the political leadership of Ukraine strongly supports the Paris Agreement, as it will allow the country to increase the life quality and expectancy of its citizens by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

Submitted by Climate Scorecard Country Manager Diana Sentjurova

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