Ranjan Panda

India Country Manager

Ranjan Kishor Panda, India Country Manager, is a Sociologist by education, has been a front runner expert-cum-activist on water, environment and climate change issues in India with more than 25 years of experience from grassroots to national and regional levels. While as a Masters Student in the department of Sociology at the Sambalpur University in 1988, he founded a civil society group that worked in western districts of Odisha in promoting management and development of natural resources management. Ranjan has since graduated from the local group and spread his activities to the entire nation. In fact, he has expanded his work horizon to many other activities. He now actively convenes two networks that bring civil society, academics, sector experts, farmers and people’s organisations. These networks are “Combat Climate Change Network, India” and “Water Initiatives Odisha(WIO)”.

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