Barış Can Sever

Turkey Country Manager

Barış Can Sever completed his master degree in the Department of International Relations at Yaşar University after he had graduated from Izmir University of Economics with his bachelor degree in the Department of International Relations and European Union. Since 2013, he has been writing in Mersin Kent Haber (local and digital newspaper) and various internet platforms regarding his interest areas. He also started his PhD in the Department of Sociology at Middle East Technical University and has been specifically focusing on the nexus of migration and climate change. In 2017, he won an article competition and was rewarded by Climate Tracker, Yeşil Gazete and Heinrich Böll Stiftung in order to participate in the Bonn Climate Change Conference as an observant journalist. Later, he became one of the organizers of “The World Climate Simulation Izmir 2017” and took the role of Secretary-General in the sessions of this simulation. He is currently focusing on his dissertation and simultaneously preparing regular reports for the Climate Scorecard Project. 


Climate change is real, and what governments do matters.

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