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Support Climate Scorecard

Who We Are
An outstanding team of organizations and individuals is implementing Climate Scorecard. Coordination of our effort is through a partnership between The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) and EarthAction- non-profit organizations with missions focused on environmental protection and citizen engagement. TGCI and EarthAction worked together to successfully implement last year’s Citizens’ Campaign for a 2015 Global Climate Agreement (

TGCI and Earth Action have recruited a team of environmental graduate students and young professionals who will serve as Country Coordinators, building and supporting networks of organizations and people to contribute and share information related to the post-Paris progress of each of the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries.

In addition, university-based experts will provide quality control and address technical questions related to documents that are proposed for posting on the Climate Scorecard website.

Each of the 25 top greenhouse gas emitting countries has a page on our website where concerned stakeholders can post information related to the status of their country’s pledge.


Climate change is real, and what governments do matters.

Help us work with key stakeholders globally to ensure continued support of the The Paris Agreement.