2023 Climate Accountability Pledge

The planet cannot wait anymore to significantly reduce its level of greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists tell us and we are shown by the increasing incidence of heat, drought, storms, rising and warming seas that we must dramatically increase our commitment to combat climate change. Specifically, we must commit to cutting our emissions by 50% by 2030 or risk widespread damage to our planet. We need your country to make that commitment and be accountable to all of us for reaching it.

Governments around the world have been slow to respond to the warnings of the scientific community and the growing incidence of climate related death and destruction. They are trapped by the dichotomy between environment and development that they believe holds them back from enacting needed emission-reduction policies and programs. But that is a false dichotomy as experts tell us. There is no reason why the developmental needs of countries can’t be met while at the same time emission levels can be brought down to a sustainable livable level.

Therefore, we request that you sign the following Climate Scorecard Accountability Pledge to reduce your country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. We will publish your pledge on our website so that citizens everywhere know of your concern.

Please add your name to a growing list of climate commitment leaders. Thank you for helping us keep your country accountable on their climate commitments.

Climate Accountability Pledge

I hereby commit my country to make this Climate Accountability Pledge and agree to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over pre-industrial levels by 2030. This pledge updates or affirms any previous emission reduction pledge that our country has made.

We also will setup and implement a system for monitoring the status of our emissions reduction effort, and join with other countries in making our effort public and transparent. I hereby designate my signature as the person responsible for implementing my country’s Climate Accountability Pledge.

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